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Standard Products

  • bg li blauRecycling of sawing slurry for the PV- and Semiconductor industry
  • bg li blauRecovery of recycling materials out of these industries
  • bg li blauRecovery of glycol, glycerin, PEG and DPG
  • bg li blauSiC-powder (F300…F2000), SiC/ Si-containing materials
  • bg li blauRecovery of resources out of fine-grained mixtures
  • bg li blauCleaning and fractionation of liquid mixtures
  • bg li blauMixing Service according to customers prescription


  • bg li blauSeparation solid-liquid parts
  • bg li blauSolid-solid classification
  • bg li blauMechanical and chemical cleaning
  • bg li blauDewatering and drying
  • bg li blauDistillation
  • bg li blauAgitation and mixing-processes

Recovery of used slurry for the silicon wafer industry

  • bg li blauSeparation solid-liquid parts
  • bg li blauElimination of recyclables out of the sawing process