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Labor sic processing

Research and development with an adjoining Pilot line

  • Implementation of research and development contracts
  • Development, optimization of process mechanical, thermal and chemical processes for cleaning, fractionation and packaging of solid and liquid mixtures , as well as for recovery of waste

Analytical services - Standard methods for particle and liquid characterization

  • Scanning electron microscopy (with x-ray spectroscopy)
  • Gas chromatography / mass spectroskopy
  • X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (TXRF, CHN-analysis)
  • Ultraviolet–visible spectroscopy
  • photometric analysis of iron, silicon etc.
  • grain size analysis /grain shape
  • Karl Fischer titration and anlysis of acid value
  • pH analysis also in organic compounds

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Contact: Dr. Matthias Gröschel

Phone: 03591 / 52 93 40
Fax: 03591 / 52 93 589