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Labor sic processing

Core Business

technologie kerngeschaeft

Recovery of used slurry for the silicon wafer industry

  • bg li blauSolid – Liquid- Separation
  • bg li blauRemoval of Kerf and Residues caused by the sawing process
technologie sic processing

>>Delivery of slurry ready for sawing with high-graded stable quality.

SiC`s core process

technologie prozess

Why used SiC needs to be processed?

technologie sic frisch

Virgin SiC

  • bg li blauSiC grit particles have the optimum size and purity
  • bg li blauIdeal cutting characteristics
technologie sic gebraucht

Used SiC

  • bg li blauUsed SiC contains a large fraction of small SiC grit
  • bg li blauHigh level of impurities (e. g. iron)
  • bg li blauSignificantly reduced cutting characteristics
technologie sic aufbereitet

Recovered SiC

  • bg li blauOriginal particle size and purity is largely restored
  • bg li blauCutting characteristics fully recovered

More uniform particle shape and narrower particle size distribution

technologie Partikelform